Mariana: Ang kaBREWkada nating Yogi!

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It's not just Pinoy single origin coffee that makes GoBrew unique, it's also our kaBREWkadas. It's time to meet Mariana, our yogi kabrewkada who's been supporting us since the very start of the pandemic!


Mariana Yoga Cat Coffee Yogi Fitness Ritual

Hi Mariana! Kumusta?

Hello!❤️ Ok naman—we live in crazy times, as you already know (pandemic, war, election politics 😅), but I’d like to believe that we’re all trying our best. That includes me.

Nakita namin na yogi ka pala! Paano ka napahilig dito at gaano katagal ka nang yogi?

Yes, I’ve been practicing for almost 12 years. It’s been a real journey and it’s one I hope to be on for my entire life. It started because I couldn’t bend over and touch my toes (was super athletic in my teen years but not flexible), and it continues because it is what keeps me in touch with my spirituality.😊 Hehe, mahabang kwento yan, can you tell?😉

Mariana Yoga Cat Coffee Yogi Fitness Ritual

How has the past 2 years shaped your practice?

The pandemic taught me that there is strength in being gentle with your body and being kind to yourself. I looove a good Yin yoga practice these days, which Mariana of 5 years ago could never have imagined!

Mariana Yoga Cat Coffee Yogi Fitness Ritual

Sa pagkakaalam namin, yoga involves a lot of practice and repetition. Can you share with us what a typical day looks like for Mariana..

I wake up, make my coffee, and feed my cats. I don’t necessarily practice agad — it really depends on the schedule for the rest of the day. But I roll out my mat so that it’s ready for me when I find the time to step on it and move. Yes, yoga is about practice and repetition (it’s like prayer), and lots of people interpret that as having to practice every single day at the same time… and you can, if that works for you. For me, over the years, it turned out to be incorporating yoga into my day in many ways and all the time, wether that’s the asana (posture) practice or the meditative part. So to bring it back to coffee: my first practice / meditative moment of the day is when I brew mindfully in the morning.🤎

Mariana Yoga Cat Coffee Yogi Fitness Ritual

May coffee routine ka din ba?

Every morning as soon as I wake up, I walk to my kitchen and I brew a V60 pour over. Usually 400g output so that if my husband wakes up early I can share it with him. If he wakes up late, it’s all mine. Haha

Ano ang go-to coffee mo?

Mt. Matutum and Ampucao are my GoBrew faves! Special shout out to UCC Sumiyaki beans, which I have if and when I’m out and about.

Mariana Yoga Cat Coffee Yogi Fitness Ritual

BONUS: Tell us about your cats! May routine din ba sila? Hehehe 

Hmm they’re the ones who wake me up, usually! So they are my alarm. Then they allow me to feed them (it’s a privilege to serve 😹), and then they sleep for most of the day unless they are eating. At night, they can’t sleep with us because they’re up wreaking chaos.😸

Mariana Yoga Cat Coffee Yogi Fitness Ritual

Subaybayan ang susunod na kabanata! Kitakits sa susunod na KaBREWkada Series!

Send us a message or comment below! We love to get feedback from you. Stay safe, coffee cheers!


All photos courtesy of Mariana Angel

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