Our story: Let's go brew!

Our brand was born out of our love for coffee as well as our aim to be a socially-relevant business. On top of sharing the delightful benefits of great coffee, we aim to generate awareness and patronage for quality Philippine coffee as well as support the livelihood of local farmers and reputable roasters, who are our direct source of fresh coffee beans. We believe this is our role as a retailer and a distributor in the coffee value chain.

We want to re-introduce the concept of local travel through the different coffee origins in our product lineup. Everyone can re-discover and get to know the different provinces around the archipelago through a good cup of coffee. Everyone can “go brew!"

We work with various roasters who also share our advocacy to champion quality Philippine coffee to expand our coffee offerings. Aside from searching for coffees from different origins in the Philippines, each one has been sampled and adjusted according to what we think best suits the general Pinoy palate. This ensures that we have the best possible lineup available.

In 2020, we've launched new coffee origins in partnership with the Philippine Coffee Alliance (PCA). People can now experience coffee from their partner coffee-farming communities. The Philippine Coffee Alliance “is the first and largest network of small-holder coffee farmers and value chain players in the history of Philippine coffee.” They empower farmers and uplift their role in the local coffee industry through their various programs and contributions. Learn more about the PCA and their advocacy to the Filipino people here
Since then, we continued to partner with very talented (both established and young) roasters based around Metro Manila and Cavite who share the same passion we have for Philippine coffee.
Go Brew started in 2019.