Joandrea: Ang kabrewkada nating Podcast Host!

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It's not just Pinoy single origin coffee that makes GoBrew unique, it's also our kaBREWkadas. It's time to meet Joandrea, our podcast host na kabrewkada who have stuck with us for over two years! <3

Joandrea Santiago

Hi Joan! Kumusta?

Hello, mga kaBREWkada. Stranger Things weekend!

Mukhang marami kang mga projects brewing! What's keeping
you busy?

Kakatapos lang ng major home renovations; that was our big project for 2021-2022. Ang mga projects ko ngayon ay mostly self-experiments/self-improvement. I read books on Stoic Philosophy, nakikinig ako ng Podcasts at Audibles, then I try to implement what I learned on myself.

 "The most important job of a reader is the act of turning words into works, and lessons into actions in the real world."

Lives of the Stoics, Ryann Holiday

At magbuhat!

Joandrea Santiago

Nakita namin na you have a podcast! Can you talk us through your podcast and how you got into that?

The podcast is called Talk Nerdy To Me. Guests "nerd out" on topics they are learned and passionate about. Each episode is focused on a specific theme or subject, but there's plenty of wiggle room to digress. It began simply as a means to document thoughtful conversations I have with friends. Then I started having people outside my circle come to the show—there's always something interesting and/or useful to learn from the strangers we meet.

Naalala ko, I asked Tala (GoBrewCrew) last year to be a guest on the podcast and that hasn't come thru yet. It's a sign, ituloy na natin. 🤗 



It seems you are very much into gadgets - from photography to coffee equipment! Speaking of coffee, what is one coffee gadget you can't live without? 

Aeropress. Simple, inexpensive, does the job.

Ano ang go-to coffee mo? 

Mt. Matutum and Mt. Kitanglad ang staple caffeine-pusher ko. It is important for me to buy local and support local coffee farmers so I really sought a company who would do so and at the same time take their product seriously. GoBrew gets their medium roast right, has a variety of flavor profiles, at fun and approachable ang branding. Idagdag mo pa that the team are the nicest people to talk to.

All good things, good people, advocacy, and products.

BONUS: Do you listen to other podcasts? Any recommendations?

Radiolab. It made me look at the world through a new lens, one that brings wonder and delight to things we take for granted. Here's an oldie but goodie: Memory and Forgetting.

Joandrea Santiago

Subaybayan ang susunod na kabanata! Kitakits sa susunod na KaBREWkada Series! Send us a message or comment below! We love to get feedback from you. Stay safe, coffee cheers!

All photos courtesy of Joandrea Santiago

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