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Go Brew Sticker Pack! Pwede mong idikit kahit saan! Sa laptop, sa tumbler, sa aeropress, o sa grinder! Original illustrations ng mga artist nating kabrewkada! 

BATANG 90s NOSTALGIA na iginuhit ni Denison Rey Dalupang

Tell us about yourself!

"I’m Denison Rey, a 30-year-old sports reporter and producer for a broadsheet. I love anything on two wheels, music, and coffee with a passion the same way I detest fascist governments."

Ano'ng kwento sa likod ng sticker designs mo?

"Nothing warms our days like a cup of joe. And nothing warms our hearts like nostalgia, right? I figured tipping my hat to what got this province kid to the big city was long overdue. Before I got any breaks as a writer, I was a cartoonist. So Go Brew’s campaign was truly a great exercise.

I went for three things that shaped my boyhood: The stories hidden in my favorite gum, the venerable teks card, and my very first drawing reference, Funny Komiks. I also tossed in a tribute to Fernando Amorsolo—the master whose realism continues to captivate me to this day."

Bakit ka tumatangkilik ng quality Pinoy coffee?

"The country is extremely fragmented now, thanks to the divisive politics that seems to become even more potent each year. It also doesn’t help that the pandemic has gotten virtually everyone pinned down. So supporting local brands—from micro through medium—is one of the most nation-building acts we can easily partake in."

Share mo sa'min #AngPaBREWitoMo!

"Mt. Matutum has a special place in my bean rotation. It’s bodied and it goes well with pretty much any recipe. My go-to brewing technique is Tetsu Kasuya’s Four-Six drip method, but I’ve been using James Hoffman’s ultimate Aeropress recipe lately for that kick. Truly useful for deadline-beating LOL."

Saan ka namin makikita online?

"I tend to dump my attempts and illustrations at @cutthroatcaptures on Instagram. I also love writing about athletes and the stories that make them super. I tend to post them at @sonrd. Say hi!"

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